A Happy New Year to you!



A Happy New Year to you!
In 2012, particularly, I hope we had the changing good and progressive year .
Have you the work already begun smoothly?

For my free days(year-end and New Year rest), I was damaged in right leg at a join and was tired out in my house. Therefore these days were too depend on the TV-program almost .
On January 1, I enjoyed traditional Vienna Phil New Year Orchestra concert.
The leader is Mariss Jansons (Latvia). These programs were as follows.
Johann und Joseph Strauss: “Vaterlaendischer Marsch”
Johann Strauss: “Rathausball-Taenze”, Walzer, “Entweder– oder!”, Polka schnell
Carl Michael Ziehrer: “Wiener Buerger”, Walzer
Joseph Hellmesberger d.J.: Danse Diabolique
Joseph Strauss: “Kuenstler-Gruss”, Polka francaise,
Johann Strauss: “Freuet euch des Lebens”, Walzer,
Johann Strauss Vater: “Sperl Galopp”,
Hans Christian Lumbye: “Kopenhagener Eisenbahn Dampf Galopp”
Joseph Strauss: “Feuerfest”, Polka francaise,
Eduard Strauss: “Carmen-Quadrille”,
Peter I. Tschaikowsky: “Panorama” aus dem Ballet “Dornroeschen”,
Peter I. Tschaikowsky: “Walzer” aus dem Ballet “Dornroeschen”,
Johann und Joseph Strauss: “Pizzicato Polka”
Johann Strauss: “Persischer Marsch”,
Joseph Strauss: “Brennende Liebe”, Polka Mazur,
Joseph Strauss: “Delirien”, Walzer,

The valley was beautiful( ballet dancers of Vienna national ballet:directed John・Neumeier )
and the cool singing voice of the Vienna boy chorus was splendid. In the summer before last, I visited this Vienna National opera theater for a few minutes . It was very gorgeous beauty condensed European history.
At that place, many crimson roses and white lilies are displayed, and the audience of dresses and kimonoes (there are many Japanese) is colorful and gorgeous.


The pleasing and splendid orchestra bring me delight and happy.
The program are waltz, polka and march to remind the gorgeous Strauss (Johan I, II, Joseph) days.
After all ,the great popularity of the concert is called the weiner waltz”. I am really happy and excited. The “beautiful blue Danube” “Persia marches” contain the beating time with hands from the audience, many times.
I heard to be made a rebroadcast in the TV station of world approximately 70 countries and radio stations more than 300.

There was the impressed panel discussion. On January 1,ETV 11:00pm~1:00am”
Under the theme of “a difference”.~the year dilemma from earthquake disaster of Japan to a year desired”.
12 panelists were new generation unties, they were consultants, the commentators, social entrepreneurs, etc (born after the 1970s).
After the bubble burst, they were exposed for finding employment glacial epoch and were called so-called “Lost Generation”. They were used to point out a self-responsibility theory by.

12 panelists was composed of 3 women (25%)and 9men(75%).Concerning ” token”
Theory( an opinion being hard to go out of the minority by pressure: Rosabeth Moss Kanter、”Men and Women of the Corporation”) women panelists thought that they fell into “token”(I felt the remark of women’s few quantity and number of saying times.
I want to improve though、it is a precious opportunity.

It was talked that the poverty and the differences from the single mother household,
but didn’t proceed how to reduce poverty and the differences.

There was the topic, If M-shaped cancellation (when woman has first child, quits the jobs(70%), and 30s fall out from the labor force), the GNP(gross national product)do climb 16% of GDP. But It didn’t succeed to reach the concrete measures.
I think this discussion was very important whether “economic growth in future” would be necessary or not. Because It is common “”economic growth is necessary”, and to become the natural premise, But the negation of the nuclear power will occur from the denial of economics growth.
In the rough place of their opinion, it “is too optimistic that politics changes with the nature of the leader individual”. It was “to take the joint struggle system across the generations interval”, but I think that it was common that education does not have expectation in their characteristic.

Now, the turning point of the big sense of values in 2011 by East Japan great earthquake disaster, I want to open the switch of the action.

I want to continue these discussion above all. NHK should be established.
These two programs were broadcasted again with both Saturday, January 7.

For my my free days(year-end and New Year rest) ,Though I prepared the English version Biography of Steve Jobs and Japanese version(Kodansha)
,But I advanced to only a little.

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