Golden Midosuji



It’s Dec. 9, 2011 today
Winter atmosphere is clear and cold, today. .
There are ginkgo row on both sides of Midosuji street in Osaka.
It is brightening in gold and is very beautiful .
The Institute of women and work is preparing for the next fiscal year business plan ow.
This business program was approved for government to strengthen NPO management power.
It carry on our shoulders as “New public” policy
I beg a favor of  you, please join us.

Next, I made a little change in HP(
The title has changed from 「Message of this Month」 to「Blog」.
I felt like seeming to be able to write it ,even if “blog,” is casual for me.
I intend to continue continuously.
I make the first blog article this [Dojima Tushin] postscript
In addition、 I put it together to write the English as much as possible.
Please read through, both ..Thank you.


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